PanRhodian Society of America Backgroud

The original intention of the PSA was for the unity of all Rhodians in America under one organization. While the base was established in the city of Hartford, CT, three more chapters in Norwich, CT, New York, and in Baltimore were established with Konstantinos F. Mponiatis, as its president shortly afterwards in 1919.

In March 1924, the “Omonoia” organization along with its four chapters, merged with the newly established Rhodian Society “Proodos” of New York, under the name: PanRhodian Society of America “Apollon”. This is the organization we have up to this day with Athanasios Athanasiadis serving as the president at the time.  PSA “Apollon”, with Hartford as its mother chapter, went on to establish 25 additional chapters in many states from the East to West Coasts. It has become and continues to be the largest Rhodian organization outside of Rhodes, Greece. The main purpose of “Apollon” is for the unity of all Rhodians; to support schools, organizations and individuals in resources, research and guidance; especially pertaining to the Greek language, culture, education, art, history, and religion abroad and in Rhodes.

Until Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands were unified with Greece in 1948, P.S.A. contributed to the Greek educational programs of young children througt the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. PSA also aided with the organization of marriage ceremonies of young couples in Rhodes, and contributed to the establishment of Greek Orthodox Communities and for the
construction of churches in many US states. To this day, “Apollon” continues to provide scholarships for college students. In addition, PSA helped establish Greek Community schools with many Rhodians serving as teachers, and participates with other members of the
Omogeneia to defend every just, national issue of Greece and Cyprus, including the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople, Macedonia, and matters of the Aegean Sea. In CT, “Apollon” was the first organization to encourage and assist the foundation of the Hellenic Student Association (Paideia) in 1977. Finally, PSA has also contributed in the construction of The Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia at UCONN in 1986 and it continues its efforts for the
completion of the Center for Hellenic Studies at URI with its educational building “RODOS”.

PSA recently established a chapter in Rhodes and works for the unity and cooperation of all Rhodian organizations outside of Rhodes. “Apollon” has received the widest possible support from Rhodian people of all backgrounds, educational levels and financial means.

PSA “Apollon” is an American recognized 501 c(3) organization with chapters in Connecticut, and several US states, as well as Canada and Greece.