Kolympia Student Camp

The Pan-Rhodian Society of America – Apollon looks ahead to inaugurate an educational and cultural camp in Kolympia, Rhodes, Greece for students.
We hope that the new facilities for our young Rhodian scholars in Kolympia will stand as a fitting symbol to the ideals espoused by “Apollon’s” founders from 1919. It is also our hope that instituting these facilities will exhibit our appreciation and give back to Rhodes for the many gifts and benefits provided to us and all of humanity through its long history. It is also our belief that we should leave something lasting for our children to remember their forefathers.
Additionally, it is our hope that through these facilities we will not only stimulate and nurture learning of the Hellenic culture, but also provide a symbol of friendship and love between Greece, America, and all of the countries where Rhodians live.

We ask that all members consider donating to help make the camp a reality

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Financial Arrangements for the Camp
PSA “Apollon” is acting as the general contractor for this project. By the end of October we will solidify the associated costs. The “Apollon” construction team with its architects, engineers, project managers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, students and volunteers will make it a project of love and service, thus bringing the costs down.
PSA “Apollon” will ask for donations from Rhodian Societies, individuals, and foundations. 

Benefits of the Camp

Uses & Educational Aspects of the Camp

Significance of the Camp

Student Camp Proposal

Architectural Drawings