Uses & Educational Aspects of the Camp

 These facilities are intended to have numerous purposes and house and support an assortment of programs including the following:

  • Room and Board for students of Rhodian descent
  • Hellenic Studies programs (Classical, Byzantine, and Modern)
  • Various student activities and initiatives
  • Numerous art workshops
  • Artistic, historical, cultural exhibits and events
  • Programs of cultural, intellectual, and spiritual content
  • Promote and support educational/cultural exchange programs between Rhodes and the Rhodian communities abroad
  • A Greek Orthodox Chapel to serve as a place where students and visitors can appreciate and learn about the authentic Byzantine architecture and the Byzantine traditional art and
  • Educational programs of elementary, middle, and high school, as well as other institutions of higher learning Public Speeches, debates, and civic events
  • Strengthen existing programs and to open new learning opportunities for Rhodian children abroad
  • An attraction for visitors of the island

    The goal is to have a magnificent camp that can attract young students for a positive life-changing experience, which will include excursions to other islands of the Dodecanese and other parts of Greece.